!asteroid <speed> <Y distance from cross (optional)> <mass add (optional)> (cost 100 for the first one, 300 if you still have another one, 900 if already two...)(retrograde cost 50k and produce negative points)(mass have a cost, look !mass)
!a (alias of !asteroid)(WARNING, the mass agument is buggy and can modify your distance argument)
!change_color <r> <g> <b> (where r-g-b are from 0/0.00 to 1, example: !change_color 0.15 1 0.84 )(all entities will change to new color, but not the old names)
!comet <Y distance from cross> (cost 1k, start with no speed, no id number, and can not host life, give bonus point in the HOT area by thrusting in exchange of his mass untill it disapear)(can not be created in hot and green areas (aka goldilock))
!explode <id> (cost 5k, explode the asteroid/comet into 2 to 10 asteroids (BUT NOW YOU ONLY GET THE OWNERSHIP OF ONE WITH A MAXIMUM MASS OF 1), 98% of mass is lost)
!g <player> <points> (give points to a player)
!game_details Give the link to this documentation
!life <id>(cost 5k, works only with 20+ mass and in green zone, an asteroid with life give more points, players call it a planet)(if your life-hosting-planet go into the HOT or COLD zones, life disapear and leave a burned/frozen look
!list (give a list of your asteroids with their masses)
!mass <id> <mass> (500 points for 1 of mass untill 20 of total mass, after that 2k points for 1 of mass untill 500, and after that it is incredibly exponential) (can specify 6 decimals)
!m (alias of !mass)
!off <id> (stop the effect of !on and !r_on, even when not anymore in green area)
!on <id> (request life, use mass for thrust the planet)
!points (tell you how much points you have)
!r_on <id> (like !on but retrograde, require 5k)
!swarm <speed> <Y distance from cross (optional)> (create 2-5 asteroids, cost 1.8* the price of !asteroid)
!t_comet <id> (cost 1k and transform an asteroid into a comet if it is not in hot zone)

Negative values are often possible, but be carefull, retrogrades asteroids cost ALOT to create (normaly 50k), and give negative points
Kerbol is the star of the system.
Planet/Duna/Kerbin/Eve are names for non-playable planets.

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